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To see her standing there against the backdrop of the glistening water delighted me to my core. Her face was sun kissed pink and her dazzling blue eyes matched the color of the sky, bright and clear, sparkling with joy. The wind gently blew her hair, tossing it in wisps around her checks and framing the outline of her jaw. Tiny little strands take flight and lasso around in delight, these numbered hairs of her head.


I was caught up in this glorious moment and my heart beat strong within my chest, thump, thump, thump, at the beautiful sight of her. This is what is feels like to be totally in the glory moment. Sheer happiness at just being alive. Looking into the eyes of your beloved and seeing the reflection of that love shining outward. The joy that her face held added to my happiness. I love to see her happy and it made my heart swell within me, too hard to breath, and I held my breath for just a moment, and I kept my eyes fast on her. I did not want to miss one single moment.


I try to memorize every detail of this moment, soaking in as much as I could absorb, not wanting to overlook the beauty of it all.


Then I shifted my eyes upward . . . just a little. I knew exactly where this moment came from. The Psalm sang out loud in my heart, “I will lift my eyes towards the hills.”(Psalm 121:1) For “every good and perfect gift is from Him”. (James 1:17) The maker of heaven and earth, and of moments just like this. And every gift is meant to point us to Him, to His wondrous love and mercy, and it does exactly that.

His blessings are found everywhere, in every shape and size.

They come little in form, tiny hands that grasp tightly to mine, and I can feel the little bird bones, delicate against my own frame, and I marvel at His work.


They come in the form of brown eyes, penetrating deep into my own, drawing me in and my heart caves, giving way under the weight of them.


Of dark, unyielding curls that hang loose and free, loping around from the breeze. Even in the stillness these curls do exactly what they please, and I smile at the thought of it.


Tender, precious hugs that linger just long enough to feel the heartbeats mingle and become a single ensemble.


They may even come in the form of favorite rain boots, for often times it is the little things that bring delight.


These wonderful pleasures are His blessings to us, His gifts and I cherish them dearly. It’s in these gifts that we feel and see His amazing love, how He has lavished it so completely on us, and I drink in the sweetness of it, basking in the unforgettable moments. My heart bursts within my chest at His unfailing love and at His revealing. For it has always been through my maternal heart that I understood His heart most clearly.

ALL is well with my soul . . .  .


Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows. James 1:17

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It has been years now that the Lord has put it heavy on my heart to pray for the overlooked heroes. Having a brother and a nephew that work as EMS and fire fighters changes your prospective and you tend to look a little closer at these unsung heroes. They put their life on the line for us repeatable and my Lord has opened my heart and bid me to lift them up. I do not know who all these amazing men and women are, but the Lord knows the names of each and every last one of them.


I am always humbled when He shows me something a little bit deeper, and as it was, Martin and I was treated to a tour of the CY-FAIR Fire Station in North Houston this weekend. The tour was given by Martin’s cousin Cameron.


Cameron and his friend Lieutenant Leon gave us a hands on experience of this wonderful fire department. Allowing me to climb inside the truck and touch all the equipment was an exciting experience for me, one that I will never forget.



The inside walls were lined with photos of past and present heroes and the different rescue missions that they had gone on.


I understand that it takes a brave, courageous heart to do this job. I can not even begin to comprehend what they do day in and day out, and I am so grateful!

This was definitely one of the highlights of our weekend. Two more names and two more faces that I see when I lift them up to the Lord. Thank you so much to two amazing men that serve daily!


We were given a souvenir from our trip to the fire station. A patch as a reminder. Mine will go in my prayer journal.


God has rescued us from the power of darkness and has brought us into the kingdom of the Son whom he loves   Col. 1:13

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It Is More Blessed To Give

His mother had told me the story ahead of time. Her four year old son had told her that he loved his teacher so so much and wanted to buy her a big, big box of candy, holding his little arms high and wide to press his message home. . . . .

It was Valentines day and our kindergarten class was going to have a party at the end of our school day. Each child brought treats and Valentines to share with their class mates.


They were all so excited and when it came time to celebrate, they all sat in a circle with their treasured valentines waiting to pass them out.


But he didn’t get the valentines that he brought for the children, they were still tucked deep inside his backpack. He was the first to sit in the circle, for when I said it was time, he rushed to his backpack and grabbed the big box of valentine candy that he so eagerly wanted to gift his teacher with, and he sat still, waiting. Waiting.




And when I had made the announcement that it was time to pass out the valentines he jumped up from his spot on the floor and with small arms holding out to me the blessed gift. His face glowed with excitement, not at the treasures that were accumulating at his spot, but at the thought of giving to me this gift. He was so precious and so happy that my heart burst with joy.


I accepted his gift and oozed over the beautiful box and the sweet treats that awaited me inside.

Only then, did he go retrieve the other valentines and pass them out.


And the Lord was right all along, it is more blessed to give then to receive, and it was so evident in that gift, for his face told all and his little heart could not contain it’s joy.


And I ate every last piece of that chocolate, each piece reflecting the blessing of that truth. My joy was not in getting the gift, but in the receiving of his joy in giving me the gift.


And remember the words of the Lord Jesus, that He said, ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’” Acts 20:35b

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