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I love this 1970’s vintage pattern.


My daughter gave me a beautiful yellow blouse and told me I could do whatever I wanted to with it.


It had pintucks running up the front of it with jeweled studded diamonds on ric rac trim. The collar was also trimmed out with the diamonds and pearl buttons closed up the front.


So I cheated just a little and cut the shirt down to fit Aria.


I used a fun rose pattern fabric for the skirt, added belt loops and topped it off with a rope cording for the belt.


The dress just took a couple of hours to complete. The fabric was a gift, the shirt was free and the ribbon and cording came from my stash, from many years ago. Pretty much the only cost to me was the wonderful pattern.


There is gold, and an abundance of jewels; But the lips of knowledge are a more precious thing.  Proverbs 20:15

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I am not even sure where this hidden little gem came from. It had no envelope, just the instruction sheet with the pattern tucked inside, uncut.


This pattern sewed up quickly and easily, with just a few pattern pieces. It is a wrap around dress that closes with ties in the front.


I love how it went together, and I love the finished project. The length is perfect! I am not sure of the date of the pattern since the envelope is missing, I am guessing 1970’s, but it has a 40’s flare to it.


The fabric was given to me by a friend, it also has a vintage feel.


I added red piping down the front and along the neck edge.


My 8 year old granddaughter asked if I had it in her size. That makes this dress a winner for sure.


I led them with cords of human kindness, with ties of love. To them I was like one who lifts a little child to the cheek, and I bent down to feed them.                                        Hosea 11:4

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At a very low point in my life I received a very special package in the mail from my little sister Jodi. She knew my heart and her gift continues to bless me and inspire me.


am like a kid in a candy store! So many to choose from! 

I finally settled on the pajama pattern for Aniyah.


Since it’s summer, I didn’t want to do the long nightgown or the long pants. She’s pretty persnickety about elastic around her waist, so I decided to make the baby doll pj’s and eliminate the bloomers and make the gown a little longer.


The fabric in this sweet little gown is a cute little kitty pattern, given to me by a friend.


The bodice of the gown is made in a pin-tucked white fabric with lace, lined with a white cotton.


I used a cut up white T-shirt to trim out the arm holes, which made it super soft.


It closes in the front with two buttons.


It was a good choice. Thank you Aunt Jodi!

And now for the next pattern . ? . ? . ?


In peace I will lie down and sleep, for you alone, O LORD, will keep me safe.  Psalm 4:8

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I refashioned a T-shirt using a vintage pattern to make Aria this simple little summer top.


I used scrap knit fabric for the front and back bodice trim, as well as the shoulder straps.


The pattern was a size 7 but it was a little too big, so I had to do some adjusting.

2-IMG_06026-IMG_0622 “From the rising of the sun to the place where it sets, the name of the Lord is to be praised.”  Psalms 113:3


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I was able to sneak in a quick and easy skort pattern for each of the girls before summer got away from me.  Love both of these vintage patterns.

They were not exactly the same but similar enough to be look-alikes.

This is the type of shorts that I wore growing up and I really like them.

The bright fun fabric was given to me by a friend. The girls loved the colorful lady bug print.


Both of the tops were made out of knit tanks that I purchased at Walmart for $3 each.


I finished the edges of each top according to the supplies I had, so they turned out a little different.



Hmmm, I wonder if I could sneak in just one more pattern?


“Now learn this lesson from the fig tree: As soon as its twigs get tender and its leaves come out, you know that summer is near.”  Matthew 24:32

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I spent a lot of time looking for the perfect pattern for Aniyah’s outfit. I knew what I wanted in my head but was having a hard time finding it in a pattern. I knew that I would probably have to tweak the pattern to get exactly what I wanted, but I did not have the time to just make my own design. So this is the pattern that I finally settled on.


The inspiration came from a pair of leggings that I purchased from Old Navy for Aniyah. They just so happen to match some fabric that her mama had bought for her before she was born. The fabric came from here.

I used the same three fabrics that I used for Aria’s vintage outfit, I just changed the order in which I used it.

The pattern is a long dress and I actually considered it, but she is still pretty small and I kept seeing her trip over the bottom of the dress, so I once again changed the length.


I really wanted ruffles on the front of this dress, so I just added them along the outside of the bodice front.


I used the same vintage velvet trim that I used on Aria’s, just a different color and width. I also added the trim to the cuffs.


I added the dark brown dandelion fabric to the waist band.

This dress also zips up the back.



Usually when I make matching outfits for the girls I like to incorporate their own personality and style into the project, making them the same but different.


For all of you who were baptized into Christ have clothed yourselves with Christ.  Galatians 3:27




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It has been awhile since I could pull out my beloved vintage patterns and sew for my girls, so this was a real treat for me. The inspiration came from a pair of $4 leggings that I purchased for Aniyah so that I would not have to pay shipping on an order.

I made each of the girls a vintage outfit, but I will start with Aria’s 1973 dress. The pattern was either a long dress or a top, but I wanted an in between, so I made the length more like a tunic.


I actually remember wearing tops just like this when I was a young teen. It is so fun for me to recreate things that I used to wear for my grand daughter. I love that in this day and age of style, everything goes. There is no right or wrong, if you love it, it works.


I used the same three color combinations in both outfits, but just changed them around in each one. The wonderful fabric was purchased at one of my all time favorite quilting and fabric stores in Fort Worth called The Cabbage Rose. You can find the online store here but there is no substitute for actually going into the store and seeing and touching all of their awesome fabric.


I wasn’t so sure that Aria would like this pattern because it was such a loose fit. The dolman sleeves are actually a part of the front bodice, the sleeves and the side fronts are one piece.


I trimmed the front and back bodice with a vintage velvet trim that I purchased at a antique shop several years ago. One of the best finds to date.


There is a tie at the back of the dress, which was the one hope I had in her liking it, making it possible for the dress to have a more snug fit.

The dress closes up the back with a zipper.


To my surprise and very great delight she loved the dress.


Remember the former things, those of long ago; I am God, and there is no other; I am God, and there is none like me.

Isaiah 46:9

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